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O'Connell's Weekly Beat


Hey Choir Families!

Thank you all for coming to our show! I wanted to remind you all about our upcoming Bingo date on Saturday, 12/22. If we get 20 Parents/helper than we get 2k for the program! Here’s who I have signed up already. If you like to join us please email me!
  1. Shelly Delgado
  2. Clint Ball
  3. Stacy Lee
  4. Peter Baladejo
  5. Michelle Pavasars
  6. John Pavasars
  7. Sherry Lee
  8. Rosemarie Anderson
  9. Lynette Marantz
  10. Gordon Marantz
Vince O’Connell

Help needed with costume fittings!

We're still looking for more people to do competition costume fittings next Wednesday, 12/19 from 8 am to 12pm. Then we can get to ordering our costumes.