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Hi Diamond Bar High School Choir Friends and Family!

Help us raise funds for a great cause. Every order counts and we can raise up to 40% of the proceeds from these online sales. I'm hoping you can take a moment to shop http://www.mixedbagdesigns.com/diamond-bar-high-school-choir

Happy Shopping,
Diamond Bar High School Choir

This is our first fundraiser of the year! Referenced below is a parent letter regarding Mixed Bag Designs. We will talk about it briefly at the parent meeting this Wednesday 9/19 at 7 p.m. Also referenced below is the schedule for the meeting.

Click here to send a custom email.

The link noted above will allow you to send an email about our fundraiser to multiple people!

Also there is a group rehearsal for all choirs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. on Wednesday 9/19. Students have been told this. This is different than our usual Wednesday after school rehearsals. It is rare for this to happen. All choirs will be learning the choreography for the Fall Show opener!

If you are unable to make it to our meeting and want to join a committee; here are the lists of committees we will have. Email me regarding which committee you'd like to join.

  • CPAC (Choir Parents Advisory Committee): This committee will help me communicate information with all parents. This would include fundraising Ideas, assessing parents feedback, and so on.
  • Treasury Committee: Helps organize fundraising as well as our sponsorship program.
  • Secretary Committee: Will help me write letters to send to sponsors, organizations, and other sites.
  • Show Committee: Will help with costumes and building/creating set backgrounds for competition season.
  • Concert/Competition Committee: Will help with selling concessions and tickets at all of our concerts. A group of parents who can also chaperone competitions.
I hope to see you all this coming Wednesday!

Vince O’Connell

Parent Meeting Schedule - Wednesday 9/19

7:00 – 7:05: Introduction to Mixed Bag fundraiser.

7:05 – 7:35: Donation schedule discussion overview.

7:35 – 7:45: Fame discussion.

7:45 – 8:00: Committee grouping.
Download Here

Mixed Bag Designs - Parent Letter

Fundraiser template for Mixed Bag Designs fundraiser. Use this template to send out physical letters to potential donators.
Download Here