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Your support yields rewards

Hey Solitaire and Marquis Families,

Last night I got off the phone with the company creating our sets for competition season. I just wanted to show you close up of what we will be having for competition season. This light system (see above) is currently being used for ABC/Disney’s Magical Holiday Celebration airing the 29th of November. I am incredibly fortunate to be able to give your students the opportunity to work with professional grade equipment and professionals in the industry. Your support is what makes these opportunities a reality.

Our performances, fundraisers, and donations are what make this all possible. I hope you will all be able to make our show on December 6th and 7th . Tickets will be available the end of this week.

Another reminder... we have a Stussy and Taco Truck fundraiser this Saturday November 17th. You can also still donate to our program or give out the sponsorship paperwork to your businesses, friends, and family! Remember that all money fundraised, whether it be your own, or someone else’s, is tax deductible and goes straight to the program. We keep 100% of profits! Your support is what makes this program great!

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving next week and an incredible beginning to your holiday season!

Vince O'Connell
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Thursday, August 23 2018
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