The Classics: Costumes List

Hello Diamond Bar High School Choir families,

For your reference, please see the costumes lists for our upcoming show.
  • Live in Living Color - Bright colors!
  • Cum Sancto - Black shirt, white pants
  • Rose Rose Rose Red - Black pants, white tops
  • I Wanna Rock - Black 80s / Punk wear. Girls pink accents, Boys can wear 80s band shirts
  • Set Me As A Seal - Same white dress as Mamma Mia without accents
  • Mamma Mia - Cute white dress with blue accents. NO SPARKLES
  • Shot Through The Heart - Black 80s / Punk wear with red accents
  • Jump - Maroon colors with black accents
  • Sing Sing Sing - Black pants, white tops. Semi-formal
  • Thank You For The Music - All white
No costumes should show midriffs.

Vince O’Connell

The Classics: Costumes List

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