Parents Stand Up - Speak Up

4-3-2019 (2nd reminder)
Good evening parents,

This is a 2nd reminder to please attend tomorrow's Choir Parent meeting with Dr. Jones (Principal). It will be at 5:00pm to be held at the DBHS Golden Horse Shoe. Please communicate to ALL choir parents about tomorrow's meeting. We will be discussing the future of the choir program at DBHS.

Here are some questions for the meeting for your consideration:
  1. Is there a possibility that Mr. O'Connell can come back next year?
  2. If Mr. O'Connell isn't coming back, what is the overall plan for the choir program?
  3. Will there be an interim plan until a new Choir Director is hired?
  4. What is the likelihood that a new Choir Director will be hired by the start of the new 19/20 school year?
  5. What is the overall vision or plan for the Choir program? Are we steering more towards a traditional choir rather than a show choir?
CNN Hero
Let's nominate Mr. O'Connell as a CNN hero. Vince came in to fix a choir program that was broken and with little support from administration was successful in building it back to a successful program. Most importantly is Vince's influence on our children. We continue to hear endless inspirational stories from our children.

Nominate Vince O'Connell

Proud Choir Parents