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Hello Wonderful Choir Families!

A few things!

First I want to tell you about our next parent meeting which will be Wednesday September 19th. I am sorry of the late notice but I will be discussing topics related to fundraising, our fall concert, and our committees. A schedule for the night will come out soon. This is will be one of the last meetings where I ask all parents to be there.

Second, I’m also looking to start two more committees. The first is a concert committee, this will be a group of parents that can help sell tickets and concessions during our shows. The second committee is our competition set committee. This will be a small group of parents that will help design the set backdrops, costumes, and other technical stuff. I will lead this with help from my choreographers and other contacts who help design sets.

If you have any questions please let me know!

Vince O’Connell

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