On September 17, 2018


Parents we need your support in raising much needed funds for our choral programs.  Each bingo night we can host brings in significant contributions.  We only ask for your time during these events.  Please contact Mr. Vince O’Connell for further information.

Volunteer your time:

  • Parents are always needed for fundraising events (e.g. Bingo).
  • We get a portion of the proceeds if we get enough parents signed up for fundraisers.

Bingo Dates:

Fundraising will be a huge factor this school year.  Mr. O’Connel has been getting into contact with people on various ways to improve our program. Two examples of this are Burroughs’ arranger looking for new clients (we’d love to have him work for us).  Also we’ve been invited to participate in a Fame event next year.


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