Online Sponsorship

Businesses or individuals interested in advertising and reaching out through our Choir community can sponsor a single event, a set of events, or a major program (e.g. competition) through our Instagram, Facebook and DBHS Choir website as well as during performances. 

100% of your contribution will go to the DBHS Choir and is tax deductible (Tax ID: 95-600.3446)

The DBHS Chorale program relies on the generous support of our choir families, local business owners and corporate sponsors to provide support by helping pay for music arrangements, choreography, instrumentalists and performance attire.

Our current online sponsorship offerings are as follows:

Graphic SponsorshipGraphic advertisement on
DBHS Choir’s
Instagram, Facebook and website
* $50 per ad
Video SponsorshipVideo commercial featuring
your business or family
* $150 or $250 per ad

NOTE:  We will gladly barter advertisements for concessions and restaurant fundraisers.