It’s a fine balance to keep our chorale program running.  We need donations and continually have fundraisers throughout the year in support of the program.

Bingo Helpers Needed:

  1. Bingo fundraising has begun.  We are actively looking for parent volunteers.
  2. The choir gets a portion of the proceeds from Bingo night if we get enough parents signed up for our designated dates.
  3. The choir can only earn money if we get the minimum amount of parent volunteers.
  4. Starting this year it will be easier for the choir to earn money through Bingo fundraising.
    • The amount of Bingo dates have increased.
    • The minimum required Bingo Helpers has decreased drastically (only 3 helpers required per night instead of 20 helpers).
  5. Please click on the “Bingo Sign-Up” button below to see our designated Bingo dates and register to volunteer.

Sign Up!Bingo Sign-Up