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Holiday Show a Success

If the best way to give holiday cheer is singing loud and proud for all to hear then our DBHS choir have proven they are professionals at spreading holiday merriment.

Thursday, December 10 was a showcase of our students’ vocal and performing skills. Chorale direct Mr. Langham stated they would feature all of the chorale groups in an array of holiday favorites from traditional to contemporary stylings.

There were solos, small ensembles, and big group performances. Truly there was something for everyone. These performances were special since the core theme was love and joy, which they hoped would spark the holiday spirit not just now, but into the coming 2021 year. In these odd times of the pandemic they wanted to keep spirits high and maintain positive outlooks for the future.

The chorale groups had been rehearsing diligently and had to pre-record some of their numbers. Then their choreographers worked their magic in editing all the individual performances into cohesive performance pieces. During the live stream of the show it felt as if each chorale group performance were little music videos.

Marvelous job DBHS Choir! We’ll be keeping an eye open for the next choir show.